Thursday, January 26, 2012

Throw Pillow Frenzy

Throw Pillow Frenzy
So our sofa had a board break underneath still functions for the moment but Lord & Uncle sam willing (tax return)  Iwill be ordering a new sofa (I narrowed it down to 2) either will be a charcoal microfiber (medium grey).

The one on the top

Is  so long that it fits me, Hubby & kids side by side with room funny does not look that big? Anyway Hubby likes modern I like eclectic design.Want to know your signature style take this test at Ethan Allen it's fun. But do it like 3 times to get a accurate feel and remeber directions are (not what photo you stare at and like best..but instantly as the photo comes up choose the one your eye is more drawn to at first sight)

 To often modern comes off a little to IKEA plastic cheap for offense IKEA has some great stuff...and not so great too. However thats just it... is a "inexpensive way to decorate and you can easily use COLOR COLOR COLOR. I have recently been drawn to so many pillows on Pinterest. Since Drew hates, despizes & loathes zebra print ..and well my signature style is everyroom a tini tiny something has to be animal print..sounds tacky would have to see. For instance..note this room  hubby & I both love the style.ahhmm note the pillows Z-E-B-R-A..he he,,,however I'm loving some of these modern textiles and this black and white chevron thing Ikeep seeing reapeted WOW it's a mod zebra for me. Anyway upon new sofa...I ofcourse want new I priced around..and came to the conclusion...I have way to good of taste in pillow$ number one and number two I need to take a trip to the fabric store Tassel's here I come. MY next sewing project pillow covers for the old pillows on the sofa...inexpensive I can pick and choose some great fabrics and it wont feel so cookie cutter.

Have you found yourself at certain points in your life drawn to different colors...not your fav but just drawn? Like it hits you one day the last 3 things you pointed out to your frineds you like was purple. My "mood color I call it" can be in groups...and when  Isee a good display of makes me so happy my toes curl up like a happy kitten in the sun.note the happy kitty feet :-)I have to stop before I buy a cat instead of pillows...anyway just a thought it's supper easy to sew a square I'm not adding a zipper to much work for me right now. Fabric will cost less then pillow covers and  I really and kinda digging the random mix of pillows I've seen recently.

Question of the day..What's your MOOD COLOR been recently?
me: Black white and sunny creamy yellow or-- colbalt and orange....mainly orange as you can see below... for home decor. For clothing DK. purple

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