Friday, January 20, 2012

Cricut Imagine -VS- Silhouette Cameo

Cricut vs Cameo
 For those of us unaware this posting is about the newest fad in diecut machines.
Yes folks it has dawned a new area....i'm ridding myself of all things cricut. I started with a cricut Expression (version 1) machine it was awesome! I know there was a lot of frustration in the begining with people and how to operate such a teckie device without ripping our paper to shreds. After educating myself with online tutorials and going to 2 classes on cricuting...I learned pretty much nothing LOL you kinda just had to talk to her (your machine) nicely cross your fingers close your eyes raise your right pinkie nod twice and just hope and pray it did not ruin your totaly awesome new design reversable $2.00 sheet of paper ha ha!  Then my ever faithful husband who supports my cricut habbit bought me a sweet it is to be loved by you!

Better Images then Cameo
Better Patterns then Cameo
Prints (12x12 paper)

So many problems
giant and heavy
cartridges do not allow you the freedom
to pick & choose only images you want/need and use
cartridges are a pain to store and tote arround
can not use Sure Cut's A Lot
can not use any font on computer

To start this machine upon arrival was giant and heavy. That was a problem because my back was injured at the time. 30 something lbs. YIPES for the size and cost it should have sprout wheels and drove me around the room. However I really purchased this to go along with the cricut Craft Room...after I opened my machine and got all the downloads uploads bend over backward loads original cartridges did not work besides paper dolls.(Flaw in the recent updates) I called cricut there was no fix...I had a party in 3 days to make decor for and I had planned on using my machine...BAD CRICUT NO! NO! Cricut did offer me a compinsation of $25 credit online..thanks for the bone better then nothing. Finally my mahine got a update few weeks later...and cricut craftroom was finally released to the last of us that were not in the "SPECIAL PEOPLE Betta tester CLUB" that it was open to for testing to... which seemed to be everyone I new but me...(feel sorry for me...okay were good now)...I got on I loaded unloaded reloaded backwards loaded everything to machine and computer and GYPSY...and my moment ...I hit the green cut button in the right corner after thinking up a great design A-N-D!!! Tah Dah! my machine growled my cutter housing hopped....and it spit my matt back at me...N-O-T-H-I-N-G...months of excitement like a kid in a candy store and Provo Craft took my candy and wipe their buts with it through it on the ground and stomped on it. THANKS PROVO CRAFT..turns out my machine is not working right after a call to customer service with 3o min wait time...atleast there is the warranty...oh yeah did I mention this was my second Imagine to have problems the first had to be boxed up and shipped back to provocraft as as number 3 is right now on it's way back to the factory I'm DONE-Finished-Fanito. Listen I know provo craft can get their act together and when they get the kinks worked out and the poo  off my candy stick (but seriously who wants a pooed candy stick you kinda killed the moment here) they can patch up this mess and there stuff is very the imagine patterns the distressed looks exspecially the buccaneer imagine cartridge sooo cool you can see a pirate card above. But then there is also the lawsuit Provo craft sued Sure Cut's A Lot software co. for designing a software that allowed people to cut any font and svg design....Customers everywere said ...but this is what we want!!...I know it had to have hurt cartridge sales..but what about your customers and what they wanted? Did you ever think of us...Blogs everywere now are boycotting-hateing on-and giving up Provocraft items just because of this...just a thought why not partner with Sure Cuts a Lot? brand your own Software? charge us  out the --Ahm..for it as usual and be done with it. As it stands  I will say the Imagine patterns and images I do like better and printing a 12x12 sheet (you can if you set it to do overspray or offspray however it words that on the settings area) I like that better then silhouette cameo thus far...but all the problems and toteing a gianormous machine for crops...nah

Fun designs boxes, lanterns, flower groupings, card kits earring holders
prints with home printer pretty neat
pick and choose only images you want
small machine

you will most likely not want to take a printer and machine to crop meets
the designs are nice but not as high quality as cricuts YET

I don't own it yet so I can not say a ton. but seconds are ticking away on my cricut stuff on ebay and I'm almost at my Goal to purchase it! I have downloaded the software for the silhouette machine because though it's not mine yet there is a free image every week and I'm saving those and shopping around images making a wishlist that is saved under my account so when She arrives in the mail..Bam I will start buying. I have seen that a few people had problems with the blades and had to send back for a replacement...though they also seemed to admit it was more user error then machine error because the instructions were not very good. That was only a few people here and there mostly on reviews online it's only glowing reviews...not a lot bad said. They say it cuts intricate designs even out of cheapy printer copy paper like buttah! (butter) and leaves a clean edge...hmm we will see.  VINYL ON WASHER LOVE

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