Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wedding Guestbook Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Hi Folks, she is at it again! 

I created a D.I.Y. wedding guest book. I have seen so many really gorgeous wedding guestbooks out there usually W-A-Y overpriced and then some not so clever. I must admit many a wedding I have attended the guest book gets slighted as being incorporated with theme or decor. So here is a inspiration to help your sad and lonely and long forgotten guestbook feel a part of the festivities. This would be a great bridal shower gift too!

Glue Dots (found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Arciver's exct.) like these see the link below

3qty Feet/1 yard of Ribbon I used 5/8" (message me on my etsy shop I sell a variety of colors in 5/8"

3qty Sheets of Adesive Printable Fabric Sheets

1 Blank Wedding Guest Book

First start by designing your layout and print patterns on your Silhouette Software Print and cut your design (use the Silhouette cut setting for Cotton Canvas)
Peel off the backing for the Adhesive Printable Fabric cut pieces align them lay flat across the top and smooth down.
Next flip the book and pull taught and smooth down the edges that were overhanging on the inside of the front cover.
Repeat with however many pieces you have cut

smooth all the edges on the inside
the 3rd sheet of Adhesive Printable Fabric is optional it will be used to print and cut a liner for the inside of the front cover to cover these edges. (photo not shown of liner sorry) This would be a good spot to add a special note to your guests.
 Looking good so far!
Now just add some sticky dots were you want to place your ribbon you can just do a band or tie a bow on the front. You could add lace, feathers, charms, crystals or a piece of fabric from a family wedding heirloom.

I used 3 sticky dots on the inside of the front cover.

Laid my ribbon across the dots and smoothed it out. 

I shut the book and added 4 dots and lined my ribbon up on the front and smoothed it out

Then I tied a bow. You can use a dot under each bow loop and bow strand that hangs down to secure into place so the bow keeps a pretty shape

I designed a rectangle with 3 layers to it you can print it flat but the layers adds some depth and looks a swankier :-)

And tah dah now your guest book fits with your theme and decor and looks beautiful for your special day.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentines Day Vinyl Project Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Valentines Day is coming!
It's been a while peeps but here we are. I love Valentines Day. I know many a modern couples that view it as a Hallmark and Godiva Chocolate Holiday. But really that's okay with me I like both ;-) I really wanted to make a gift that was not so cliche' so I created this "I Love You Because..." Dry erase board all you need to make one is....
(I used a 8x10 horizontally)
You can use any size you want
I got this one at Hobby Lobby

Dry Erase Marker
(I used a OXO Brand marker with a twist out tip and small erase topper I bought at Staples)
I hide it behind the frame

Matte Vinyl 
(I used Matte Black) From My Vinyl Direct here is the link
It is available in many sizes and many colors.

Transfer Tape
My Vinyl Direct here is the link

Printable Adhesive Fabric Sheets
From you guessed it My Vinyl Direct link is below

*Optional* Embellishments 
The Paper Studio SPARE PARTS fabric flowers
Black Antique Fabric Flower Asst. 9pc. pack
I got them at Hobby Lobby 

I'm sure you just got back from your run to the craft store (your welcome for a excuse to go ;-)

1st take your printable adhesive fabric sheet and print a pattern on it I used a fill pattern from Silouette's store called Labels. I cut mine with the Silhouette to 8"x10" but you can use scissors
You can easily use a piece of scrapbook paper instead ,but I like the subtle texture of the fabric sheets. I'm a interior designer and slightly obsess over textures LOL.

I loved this frame but it had a 5x7 matt I simply flipped it to the back of the frame and added placed the printed fabric sheet on the glass in front...the cardboard insert...and then the matt back in the frame.

I added a little drip drip or 3 of hot glue on the back of the flower embellishments and stuckem' to the frame.

We are getting there this is the progress so far Weeeee! So much fun
You really should stop and pat yourself on the back.

This is how I arranged the flowers. Because yes I had to show a close up. 

 I'm working in the Silhouette Designer Edition Software Program. I like to place a box around the objects or in this case text i'm working with it gives me a easy weed and scissor cut line. Stick your vinyl to the matte (note I'm using a Cricut Matte they take a little adjusting but they are about half the price of Silhouette Matts.
The My vinyl Direct Matte Vinyl has a little shimmer to it which I LOOOOOVE!

Peel up your rectangle

weed all the letters remove all the tiny pieces 

I use a dental pick set I bought at Harbor Freight Tool Store for like $4

cut along the rectangle lines

trace your cut rectangle on your transfer tape leave a little extra space to give room for not perfectly steady hands you need wiggle room

cut along the trace lines

peel and stick the transfer tape to the vinyl letters and burnish it with whatever tool you ave I use my old gift cards ....the vinyl should stick to the tape

peel the backing off the vinyl

stick the vinyl on the glass and burnish it into place smoothing out any bumps or bubbles

remove the transfer tape and viola!

sit back and enjoy

we right notes here and there and leave them for each other my hubby wrote the note on the right I wrote the note on the left LOL his arms really look like that

see told ya ;-)