Saturday, January 28, 2012

SaltTree: Apothecary-esk DIY

SaltTree: Apothecary-esk DIY: Love those apothecary jars you see all over design magazines and shows? Don't love the price tag enough to buy your own? Think the one ...Pinned Image

I love this pos by Salt Tree & the photo I found from Pinterest. I have purchased a bunch of little glass/ maybe some part crystal glass candlestick holders from goodwill.  I used them once at my friends bridal shower on a large sofa sized framed mirror that was set on a table flat. I sprinkled rhinestones, little diamonds and gold and silver sequens all over the mirror and had all different heights and styles of these candle holders..the affect was really pretty bouncing off the mirrored table top. Then they were used again in the cocktail area at her wedding as little extra pieces of decor. However I'm about to get them back and how very cool would it make these!! Not to mention I have 4 glass containers and a candle jar that will be finished soon. Any way though I did not write the blog above it's so pretty  I wanted to share

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