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Pinterest Michelle Obama birthday photo.. Riot Sarah Traub oops

Tonight  I started purely by accident a "Pinterest Riot" still going we speek but they reported ad blocked me...what for...the truth. Oh it all was just shut down. Forgive my not normall post tonight but after all homemaking is not all cookies and glitter we are strong women who have strong beliefs which we may discuss over our new fabulous Pinterest unicorn poop cookie's (it's really on there look in the search for it). So I feel I will lay down my glue gun tonight to invite you to Sarah's World which does include politics sometimes. If you want to comment go for it no holds barre. The orange comments below are by me,  and the orange was NOT printed on the site for them to see it is my commentary thoughts....shortly in they blocked me and continued to have their say...thats it block it out people. Is that how you handle difference?
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This is a lovely photo of our first lady Michelle Obama... beautiful though some people referd to it as scary..eek..a disgrace. one posting had this to say.
“There was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the black community, I am obligated to this community and will utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit the black community first and foremost.” -Michelle Obama

I responded to the persons comment:

She is beautiful and that saying above? as amember of the black community..she puts that first formost...thought we were all created equal?

Thus launching a riot attack against me for pointing out the truth.... Let me point it out to you this way I viewed her comment as a racial bias hidden in elequent words....let me ask you does this offend you if I say it....
“There was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the "WHITE"community, I am obligated to this community and will utilize all of my present and future resources to benefit the "WHITE" community first and foremost.”

First off I never said that anywere but here and IN NO WAY BELIEVE THAT..this was for pointing out the racial bias of the comment ONLY


Abby Harris Sarah, I agree with you. She is beautiful, and we are all created equally. That's why I hope that our leaders will use their resources to benefit us all...equally. That's just me, though. I meant no offense.
GO ABBY HARRIS...she got what I was saying but the only person!

Cyxx Really? You're holding against her an out-of-context quote taken from a thesis she wrote 23 years ago? Seriously?

OKAY OKAY I see fire I through gas messing with Cyxx's comment I replied:

Sarah Traub Not holding it against her there so much to hold against her husband I don't need to focus on her ;-)
NOT the most loving words ok...thus insuing a riot to the MAXX

Carman Alvillar This all makes me sad. Michelle Obama is fabulous. You are going to whine because she wants to help the black community? Thats sad.

LETS NOT FOCUS ON THE POINT CARMAN...Lets just dance and dance around what I said/whined evidently...can you tell whineing by typing ..oh yeah..IIII DDOOOOnt wike racialy bias quotes whhaaaaaa LOL no really

Carman Alvillar I would love to sit down with Mr. and Mrs. Obama and have lunch with them. They seem like fantastic, down to earth people.

I would to were are we eating..some place fancy I hope :-)

Karen Garnica Abby and Sarah - you do mean to be offensive, and pinterest is not the place for it.


So I was asked... by
 Karen Garnica What exactly has the president done that was so aweful to you Sarah?

Now I'm looking and looking an do not see were I said "Barack Obama was so aweful to me" Do you see it? I'm looking still......this is like the worst game of SUPER Y and the Super readers ever because with them you look and find stuff ...I'm looking not finding

I get her though...but this...ME not supporting does not =He did something Aweful to me personally... poor KAREN GARNICA she must have had some rough relation ships in the past w e will pray for you.... moving on....

Sarah Traub number 2 issue (this is in response to Karen's confusion)

my number one issue is he supports abortion

then I concluded a link to
 Karen Garnica to look at Google-search abortion photos and look at what you are supporting

Sarah Traub look at what your supporting at your own risk its graphic

Carman Alvillar Ok look theres so many different types of abortion. I'm not even clicking that link because I have two kids and I dont feel like looking at a link thats possibly to dead babies and their limbs.

Really what your supporting and voting for is so bad you can't face it...think people???? PLEASE...educating yourself on what you support...kinda important....and it does not matter what kind of abortion it all end sin the same result...murder, heartache, pain, depression.

Karen Garnica Sarah, so you are against "equal" access to health care?

Yes Karen  I want you to die in the street because you can not afford to pay the enormous cost of OBAMA CARE YUP...thats what  I want. HA HA...that question is stupid affordable...affordable what I'm for I owe with insurance over $1,000 with insurance good insurnace for my son to leave the children hospital with a bandaid...yes they did other work catscan mainly the expensive part... but the way it is way way way cheaper then what OBAMA CARE HAS TO OFFER...I'm having trouble paying this amount Obamacare would do me in for sure!

Karen Garnica Sarah, stop. you are so out of line.

What line was that Karen? OH you mean that politically correct keep your opinions in a box, say only every ones a winner here is atrophy box...nah not for me..Enjoy your box ,but I live in America home of the free.... and free to express MY OPINION!!! , but some of us were born to be hearded in a line KAREN but not me. and mainly if I do not feel the line follows the truth of my beleifs.

Joni Holland Sheesh....'she' is not 'he'......I would be incensed if someone judged me, based on my husband's beliefs or actions. She's a woman's woman. Ladies we need all the help we can get. This pic was merely a celebration of her birthday. And indeed, she is beautiful.

NEVER SAID "SHE" is "he"...again not seeing it...not said

Kristina Moore Really? We can't comment on a gorgeous photo of a classy woman without it becoming an opportunity for political commentary?

No Kristina Not when it's the presidents wife and she has a quote underneath that is racially bias .then no ...can't just be oooh pretty photo and ignore the road kill beneath some of us feel our beliefs of whats right and wrong still. We have not lost ethics to conform to getting in a politically correct lines.

Abby Harris Excuse me, Karen? You have no idea where I'm coming from. I said I meant no offense, and I didn't.

ABBY SCORES AGAIN YOU GO GIRL TELL THEM I've been blocked already!


Wait there is a whole Pinterest out there go look at cookies Lisa no one invited you to be the mother of a conversation you just connected to.

Abby Harris YES MA'AM!!!!!!!

HA HA ABBY cracks me up...

then the site was blocked from comments

I still recieved a few links from somewere

Karen Garnica:I have read Mrs. Obama's entire Princeton thesis, it was good and valid

The quote at the top came from the thesis...does racial bias = good and valid to anyone? anyone?

Karen Garnica again:I have read Mrs. Obama's entire Princeton thesis. She may not be aware of the fact  that her husband's ancestors donated the land for Princeton and founded the university. This I know because we share common ancestry."

Okay Karen got the wrong recipe for brownies on here. Mr. Clinton (I did not inhale)..but he did eat the brownies LOL!

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