Tuesday, January 17, 2012

 I love the 1920's glam and light beaming sheen these
 furniture pieces give off. However their check
 bounceing, bank breaking price tags make me want to
 fall over sometimes when I read them. So my motto
 "If you can not afford to buy it then make it." I must
 silver leaf something not just talk about it I must place
 silver leaf to something soon! So I'm scouting out my
home for a starter piece. Though my eyes are not
closed at thrift stores and Craig's List too. Maybe I will
 do a end table I own now that will not go with the style
 of our new sofa (coming soon)? jewelry box?lamp?
 Watch out kids don't get in mommy's way you may be
 silver LOL!
 I also found in my research that aluminum leafing is
 cheaper then silver leaf and has a higher shine
Ebay has 500 and 1,000 sheat quantity's of aluminum
 leaf ($40-$50 range give or take some shoe money)
 for ubber cheap (clearly according to your dimensions
 but to give you a idea it will take about 250 sheets

approx. to  a small nightstand front and sides.
 Read your product instructions...however the norm is
 these require a thin layer of adhesive made specificly
 for leafing dont venture I have and it does not finish as
well as this product. You must use it either outside or in
 a super well ventilated area. It turns slighty tacky after
it drys for a bit. Then you lift your sheet and smooth it
onto the tacky surface gently tamping it down with a
 super sof bristle brush. Start on a side and after just a
 few sheets you will be close to a pro however throw
perfectionism to the wind and know it will have flaws
and be slightly tilty. Thats okay when you stand back at
 your over all project being complete you will be to
distracted by it's shiney awesome to really take notice
 I have gold and silver leafed previously and its fun
however it is time consuming. Also a small note of
warning you will have flecks of silver all over if you can
 salvage the silver flecks place them in a baggie or
container use the small flecks for nails or other future crafty whims! Good Luck
Something to silver leaf
Silver/Gold/ or Aluminum Leaf (craft stores or ebay/online)
Adhesive (specific to leafing)
and leafing sealer
soft bristle paint brush for tamping and smoothing


  1. I pinned the pic of dining room to Pinterest. Does it rub off? I know you seal it, but say the seal isn't perfect, will it wear very badly?
    I like your blogspot.

  2. Thanks IT likes you too!! :-)
    I have silver leafed lamps and small pieces. I have yet to silver leaf my (glorious piece of furniture) as I mentioned in yesterdays posting I'm on the hunt for one. However The pieces I did silver leaf & from design experience working with "leafed furniture" It is just as durable as a stained sealed piece. I found painted pieces more fragile to chips. However it will be as durable as you make it if it is higher traffic, kids or frequented bathroom, foyer you may want to seal the heck out of it.
    maybe consider light sanding, primer then coat of (not shiney) paint, adhesive then sealer would be ideal but not required. Thanks for your comment if you do a project send me photos I will post it!