Monday, January 30, 2012

This Project is Sew Easy ;-) Well this one is for people with sewing machines.
Well I own a brother sewing machine I purchased at Wal-Mart years ago. I don't really sew much because I do not know how. I've tried to learn and made a few basic things. But tonights post is not about's about scrapbooking! There is this really cool scrapbook tool Sew Easy you can add stitching too your scrapbook pages by hand and this rotery tool pierces the page for you in a pattern. There is also a rotary stamp that makes a ink stamped image that looks like stitch patterns.

However I own the sewing machine already it has different patterns and is so much faster then doing every stitch by hand. It's not as thick as the floss but it sure does the trick I love it. I purchased some cheapy threads in bright colors. Wound my Bobbins and started sewing and have used this several times in card making and scrapbooking. However I immediately new a pattern card would be usefull. I used a fold card for card making and just started stitching about halfway up one side ..then the important time saver part just release the foot lift up the pressure foot and slide it over to start a new line of stitching. Yes if you want it perfect sew straight rows  and cut each end but with 49 stitch patterns I my machine This was faster and less hassle and took up less thread. Don't forget to number them as you go if your machine has numbers for each stitch...fold the card and place it in it's handy cover a envelope...tah dah future reference sheet for projects! YOUR DONE!How cute will some of these be as accents?!
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