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How to Make Cake Pops

Everyone Keeps Asking How I POP?
(make cake pops that is)
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Well here it goes. As any great gossip column I must start with bashing...I can't stand the texture of most cake pops out there..the usual process includes crumbling the cake and mixing with a tub of icing or I believe sweetened condensed milk...AH EWE..squishy cake NO GOOD! Like every good housewife I buy a machine to do most the work for me ;-) The Baby Cakes Cake pop maker (I got mine at Kohl's for $19.99 on sale I think reg. $29.99) There is a cake pop pan set at bed bath and Beyond that may work good too but I have not tried it. This baby cake pop maker I felt was silly for me to even own it was just a luxury item which I'm not into the next wave of ronco food everything gadets in my kitchen that peel the potatoes, pet the dog and cook a 57 lbs. turkey to perfect juicy plumpness and has little elves that dance and sing around it when the timer goes off and it lights up with 50 L.E.D. rainbow lights.... and come with not one but two sets of free ginsutookuferyermona' knives all for just 52.5 payments of $ appologies for that....huhmmm anyway I only like basic kitchen appliances but something about the cake pop maker brought back that one moment of me mixing and baking and smelling the chocolate cake smell of my Easy Bake Oven toy when I was a little  girl and smothering my still warm cake with gooey icing I made myself ,and sharing my baked goods with my brothers and parents and watching them devour it and tell me how good I did...awe...but the baby needed socks and Nathan needed turtle necks so  I passed up the machine. However Birthday time rolled around and there cam my super husband to the Dream bake shop in my head rescue...naaah ...naaaah!!! He bought me the cake pop maker for my birthday..(this is were you say awwweee) Yes feel the warm fuzzies they are so great!
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I ripped it open still trying to not look like a wild wilderbeast devouring it's prey...and trying to keep my femanine composure..I opened it up and started right away! It worked I was "poping" everything..bananna pancake pops...cake...brownies...blueberry muffins atlass  I was in Easy Bake..I mean BABY Cake pop heaven...watching my family devour them and telling me what a great job I did. So How did I do it simple.

sprinkles, pearls powder, or icing spray the Duff brand spray is what I used w/coupon at michaels) 
plastic baggies
2 styrofoam boards that will fit in your freezer

YOU MAY ALSO WANT EXTRA STYROFOAM FOR DISPLAYING (i suggest  painting the top with martha stewart craft paints) and glue ribbon around the side edge's for a display base. You may also use wood skewers to stick in styrofoam and be taller then the cake pops hot glue bows or a birthday sign or paper dicut letters to go with your theme or decor for a party.

1) Make your box cake mix according to directions

2) place a baggie in a glass or coffee mug and fold the top down so the zip area is facing out basicly just using it as a extra hand to hold the bag open while you spoon in or pour your mixture into it.

3)Have your candy melts in a glass bowl on a pot with a little bit of boiling water in it or if you own a double broiler then use it ofcourse.. and temper (Melt them just right) your candys. Now they will be two thick read the back but I added about 1.5 -2 TBSP. of crisco to the candys you have to play with the consistency it is easy but still a artform I suggest leaving your burner on but turned down and remove the candys if it gets thick place oback on burner for a bit until you get a good consistancy to work with again. you want it almost lighlty runny not thick like yogurt. Also have your sticks laying out opened ready to rumble.

4)Though I do NOT normally suggest PAMING ANYTHING exspecially non stick because after a period of time the chemicals to spray (Propellants or emolients I think?) in Pam break down any non-stick cookware...I found it was my only choice for a easy release  I tried oils and butter and crisco would just seem to messy for this so pam it was spritzer down lightly.

5) Keeping that corner of the bag facing up cut the tip off just about 2/3" opening wide at the end and pipe until lower batter area is almost full and shut the lid. You do kinda have to play with each flavor/brand/ mix to see how full to fill it and how long to leave it in cooking one light is not always enough actually usually never enough you kinda need to really cook it good the outside needs to have a med brown golden crust look not a golden light fluffy or it will just not hold its shape and collapse a lot after you remove it and it cools.

6)Use the pronged fork tool stick in horizontaly into the cake like at it's equator line (get it?) becareful NOT to stick it all the way through to the other side that can almost sever it for some reason and the tool WILL SCRATCH OFF THE NON-STICK SURFACE...rotate the cake so the top of circle is on the bottom and close lid if you cook this way for some reason it does better I guess it's kinda like rotating those waffles in the waffle irons.

7)Now working quickly but never frantic good house wives must be calm and collective (LOL NOT) dip the end of a cake pop stick  anyway dip the end of the stick about 1" into the candy melts thin push into the cake pop about half way...then lift and flip the cake up and out of the cake pop maker...if you are getting a lot of broken ones you modt likely did not cook it long enough if it is falling down the stick it is either not cooked long enough or you pushed it through to much try doing it less next time. the candy melts will harden and act as glue to hold the cake to the stick during the full diping process. Push the non cake end of the stick into styrofoam DO NOT PRESS STICK ALL THE WAY THROUGH JUST IN A LITTLE. When your styrofoam is full carry the cake pops to the freezer... now you may freeze them for just a hour or so... but they will be better if you can freeze them over night..your choice.

8) Have your candy melts melted never use food coloring to dye the candy melts it will ruin them either buy the colors you need or there is special dye at the craft store you can use to dye them. Once your candy melts are ready pull your cake pops out of the freezer hold the stick, dip the cake part in coating until just covering it and berely touching the stick and pull it this as fast as you can the longer the cake is in the candy melts the warmer the cnadymelts holding it to the stick become therefore loosening your glue...right so then still holding the cak pop above the bowl at a angle lightly very lightly tap each pop removing the excess candy coating push into another styrofoam piece while its wet add sprinkles or oreo crumbs to the top quickly it dries fast. Also you may use spray colors or brush on cake icing shimmers with a brush once dry. I have used both wilton cake icing pearls powder and DUFF brand metallic icing cake spray from micheals it was so cool metalic silver cake pops!.............and serve with love.

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