Thursday, March 24, 2016


The very word makes me shutter a bit in fear. Why because not all change is good.  Some change I like for instance  like new throw pillows, freshly washed sheets on the bed you can just hunker down into their softness! I love switching around my décor as a interior designer now stay at home mommy (but it drives my hubby nutso) some change is good.  I've gone through A LOT OF CHANGE recently. ONE I just discovered I still have my blog ((HI!!!)) LOL through much confusion over a old email address. I thought the blog I created had been removed. I know that's what counts right. I'M BACK!!!..and will begin writing/typing again but just a reminder I do not know how to spell, properly align the English language to form good literature if your technical and I make up words...but read the sign it's Sarah's world & if your reading this I'm glad ya joined me here :-)

  I have spent a good portion of my time the last 2.5+-ish...oh I don't remember how long (I'm getting older) ...anyway running a online business. I worked hard like REALLY no sleep regularly up until 3-6a.m. hard then up at 6:30-7 to take my kids to school. Though we could use the extra income it's just like my tolerance lifted, supplier went to take a visit to crazy town and forgot to inform me of their trip, I lost my office & creative space (by choice) to give our son's each their own room and though I tried to fight it and keep it going...tolerance was just not there. Have you ever had one of those moments.? Then the Christian realtor we have been working with turned to me ( she was clueless what I was going through) .....I feel God saying to need to rest...that your in a place of rest. I probably looked at her like the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater that she was to me in that moment.....LISTEN LADY & JESUS! I got 2 kids!! a husband...2 dogs and hamster...what is this ""rest"" you speak of? ....but she & Jesus were right. That's just where He has got me right now in kinda a still, quiet place in the midst of chaos of family and kids a hamster. I don't know how I got here and He has not yet revealed to me why. I may never know ,but I'm sure He has got this. It's like I'm stuck for a period....maybe in the brink of some sort of change.

insert puppy picture
Part of my change is really silly and rather random but without these moments I would not be me right? Pave' (bigger mostly white Jack-Chi) is adopted from a shelter and fixed. After many hours of conversing Pave' was fixed at the shelter and they stole her chance at motherhood and she seemed like she would be a REALLY SWEET I knew she wanted a puppy for Christmas to raise as her own. I was not even looking when I found a add for Jack-Chi puppies and my original thought was my mom and her hubby really like our dog I wonder if they would like one? So after conversing we got them one for Christmas and they loooove little Josie...but when we got her she was COVERED IN FLEAS I immediately spent several hours with her in the tub first because she smelled THICK of cigarette smoke and getting every last flea off her. At that point it felt more like a rescue then a regular adoption. The thing was I knew there was one more puppy left. I inquired about it turns out she has a umbilical hernia and people had passed her up because of it. Covered in fleas, unwanted...that had to change. So Pave' got her puppy named Dolce de leche at first she would not even get close to her then finally she tolerated barely the puppy getting near her and now...they are inseparable buddies. She licks her clean, teaches the new puppy things. they play and share a bed and usually a kennel. She is a wonderful adoptive mama ;-) she got her wish.

I wont write about all the change  and boring details ,but one big life change we have been working on as per my New Years Resolution is switching to healthier more natural products for our home. DONT WORRY I don't sell anything!! Though my mom thinks I should sell my home made natural products I make from scratch ;-) lol  but no MLM (Multi Level Marketing) here....just a life style switch. I use a  lot of essential oils (again I do not sell & I do not buy brands that are MLM)..but I hope to write a bit about that soon :-) chat with ya soon!


  1. Hey Sarah, good to see you back! Don't remember how I ever found you, we are! Anyway, I'm curious when you say you would not purchase brands of EOs from an MLM - why is that? I do NOT, NOT, NOT sell anything at all - but I am curious. Is it the cost? Or is it something more? Just wondering!

  2. Thank you I'm so happy to be back too!! Great question I will address that a bit more in my future EO post ....Truth ...I feel they are good products but they are not at all frugal. I try to be frugal for my family. Tons of research and product testing I have found other brands of equal quality that have worked for me for much less cost . Most MLM has to give room for the company and the person selling to make money in the pricing nothing wrong with making money it's great and those companies help a lot of families. So that's great if you can afford that extra cost. So I do not say it to bash or that I dislike ...okay I will say it Doterra or Young Living I do not like the price you are correct. One thing I do have to mention (this may come off as bashing I do not mean it that way) is one of the companies I have seen a repeat of a sales tactic from multiple consultants that is meant to instill fear that their product is superior and the ONLY safe and quality product out there and it's simply not true. In multiple conversations with consultants of said company as well as customers I've heard repeat verbiage of this same fear method. I will say I'm unsure if this is training coming direct from the company or just a consultant sales tactic but I'm not a fan of the sales method.

  3. Good to be back in touch with you!!!!!