Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adventures of the Crazy Kind

So here is the ordeal-e-o life is a adventure. Yes we can look at it as day to day work....but I see the adventures in life and go for them. As one of my FAVORITE movies of all time "UP" says "Adventure is out there!" Okay so sometimes my adventure comes in the form of tackling Mt. hubbykids (my giant stack of laundry) but recently I've been on a few more exotic adventures then laundry. I have done catering for 50 people 2 times! whipped out dishes like I was a southern queen bell momma chef from the southern kitchens of heaven....okay slightly over exaggerated there but I had fun! Ever since "issues" we will say lightly in my family growing up as a child I begged for a bit of normalcy in my family nothing to normal but I wanted so bad even as a child for my family to come together. Meal time became my favorite when we ate together. Some how the food and the table just gave us a warm normal atmospher for a moment and we disappeard from the hell we we're living at times. Food for me became a pure escape into laughter and good times and there is nothing like food that brings people together. The most used room in a house is a the kitchen. This cooking adventure has lead me on a pretty wild path. It all started with my friend not knowing what to purchase her wonderfully sweet and wealthy client for Christmas because she had 2 of the best of everything already and well what do you get her? She decided upon a chef for a night o cook dinner for her and some friends. However last minute the chef called and canceled. Rather then let her client down my friend called me because she new I loved to cook. Tha night I whipped up a chicken cordon Bleu for my first time, a spinache apple bre salad with candy pecans and a herb bubble loaf then finished with a raspberry triple layer chocolate mouse I refer to as (3 layers of heaven). I got a call later that my friends client wanted me to cook for a baby shower. Sure why not so I did. I remember a slightly inebriated man walked up to me and said "Said whatttsss the naaame of your bussthiness?" as he munched down like 3 of the crab cakes on the stand in front of me that I was putting out. My reply "Oh, I'm just getting started" the lovely drunk man replied "well thatts a lovelly naaaaame for a businessth I kinda like it it's catchy" ha ha ha so funny I could have fallen outta my shoes, but I kept a some what businessth style expression and finished working lol! I was called once out of the blue a couple were flying in their top clients for Derby and though they had reservations at a high end restaurant  however the place had overbooked and cut their resevation from he books. So my job Lobster and beef tenderloin, appetizers, and dessert. This home had a awesome kitchen including a Viking stove and plate warmer which saved the meal once we found out the flight was 3hrs behind! For the guests arriving for dinner Oy! But not only did I manage ,I was called into the  dining room and they applauded as I walked in (now that's a meal) what made me happy (the plates were scraped clean, people were laughing and enjoying themselves. And the best part I had no idea what I was doing but I saw a opportunity and said to myself I bet I could do that (never had cooked a lobster before a day in my life) another crazy adventure in cooking was a charity event I did in a ladies homers not a name thrower so excuse my vagueness of detail however I had researched before the meal and found the charity's logo now we are talking a national charity big name place dealing in lots of money lots!!!! Anyway I cut a stencil out of the places logo and used cocoa powder to place the logo on each plate for dessert...the main person there for The charity cried over the dessert he was so touched (I'm sorry this is beyond touching but I need to laugh a little) when desserts so good you have the guests crying I was not sure if I would be asked back lol! But the lady I was catering for was amazed. 
  I don't have tear worthy talent. Jesus is responsible for anything I have done or did. He is the one that gave me very opportunity every smile and each yummy bite. I'm not super talented iron chef but I prayed and each time God showed me the steps the spice to add the ingredients to put together. With out him helping me and guiding me and not necessarily taking the wheel but the wooden spoon everyone would have been eating take out. Im just so thankful for the adventures in my life in God there was moments I had doubts in my ability, that I thought I would not finish in time, and many times I thought I may disappoint and I promise you several times it was miracles coming out of that oven because I can only explain one wai I did it and that was pray and faith. Prayer alters even the hand of God do why can't it fix my burnt taters to
. I just kept believing and never stayed in my despair because   Despair kills hope and ruins faith. If we are all woh is me I can't do it we are not standing in 
God's word that we can do all things through Christ including cook lobster ;-)

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