Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to download free fonts online to your Silhouette Cameo Designer Edition Software

Okay so this Post is short sweet and for Silhouette users..
best of all it works for really!!!
If you have been like me and lost in this techy world and have NOT been able to figure out how to download the Free Fonts from like
 Pinterest links and online places to use in your Silhouette Software here is how
 (I do have the upgraded Silhouette Designer Software)
How To Download Free Fonts & USe With Silhouette Designer Software
Click Download on the site for your font
Save it in your documents
(leave documnets  window open)
Then Open the Control Panel Window where they have the fonts folder
(If you do not see it right off thenusually there is asearch box top right type fonts in the box)
.Then click on the font in my documents you want to add to your computer and
 drag it to the fonts folder and drop it.... it will add it to your computer
Then Open your Silhouette Designer Software
and look for it on the list
and make really fun cool things
I am making trophy's using clear glass beer mugs from the $1 store
and glass etching them
we used a logo but also wanted a cool tough manly font
because the trophy's are for a weight lifting competition
I found some really cool FREEBIES at this sight

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